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Picture Perfect Landscapes


If you’re aiming to create interesting and visually appealing focal points in your residential or commercial property, then you should strongly consider having outdoor amenities such as fire pits and fireplaces. And don’t consider hiring someone else to do the job for you; instead, get the most trusted landscape services provider in Memphis, Tennessee: Picture Perfect Landscapes!

Stunning Fire Pits

One of the best fire features that you can have for your outdoor space is a fire pit. Incidentally, we have the expertise required to design and build attractive, functional, and durable fire pits for commercial or residential clients.

Our team of designers will sit down with you at the start of the project to know your design preferences. You can choose whether you want brick, marble, slate, or granite for your material, as well as Italian-inspired, country, traditional, Moroccan, or contemporary for the design. We can also put built-in seats around your fire pit for optimum comfort. We can place it close to your pool or Jacuzzi, near your patio, or just about anywhere you wish.

Once you’ve itemized your preferences, they will then incorporate your specifications with the designs that they will create for your approval. Once a final design plan is approved, our in-house masons and artisans will start building your fire pit with the supervision of our senior staff. Within a week or two, your fire pit will surely be finished so you can immediately enjoy their benefits.

You can enjoy comfy cold days and nights with the help of our fire pits as you share stories or simply relax outside with family, friends and guests. Or, if you’re a businessman, your clients will also love the warm feeling brought by our well crafted fire features and will surely keep them coming back to your establishment.

Awesome Fireplaces

Additionally, we can build awesome fireplaces for your outdoor area. Whether you want brick, stone, concrete, marble, granite, or wood, we can use the material of your choice for the fireplace that we will build for you.

As we’ve done with the numerous fireplaces that we’ve built before, we can mimic every imaginable style that our clients want for their fire feature. Using the same approach in creating fire pits, we will design your fireplace based on your specific requirements and build it according to our unique way of creating absolutely gorgeous fire features. One thing is for sure: whatever design or material you choose, we will create an exquisite fireplace that will bring out the best of your property.

Professionally Designed and -Built Fire Features

Our company is known to create professionally designed fire pits and fireplaces that clients absolutely enjoy. Our fire feature designs are unique in such a way that no two designs are the same. The fireplaces and fire pits that we build easily complement the landscape for a truly harmonious look and feel. With careful installation, we know where to put these features: beside the pool or Jacuzzi, in the middle of your patio, near your koi pond or waterfalls, and many other focal points in your outdoor area.

Bring out your landscape’s beauty by having fire features built by us. Contact us today to know more about the affordable rates that we have for our design and build services concerning outdoor fireplaces and fire pits.

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