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Picture Perfect Landscapes

Landscape Design

A perfect landscape needs to start with a perfect landscape design. That’s where a professional’s help makes a big difference. Our company’s name says it all—Picture Perfect Landscapes. When it comes to designing, we promise to give only the perfect design for all our clients in Tennessee.

Factors We Consider in the Design Process

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all design for a landscape. It takes experience to create uniqueness every time. That’s where we set ourselves from the competition. Our design process is like no other as it considers these factors:

  • Harmony of All Elements. The biggest challenge in creating a design is coming up with something that our client likes but without compromising harmony with the existing area. We don’t want your landscape to look so off and separated from your house. What we want is to make everything look like one. To achieve harmony in the landscape design, we use similar themes, colors, or materials.

  • Functionality of Living Spaces. What is the sense of improving a landscape if you cannot enjoy it firsthand? That’s why living spaces are becoming a common addition in every landscape not only in Memphis or Tennessee but also in the global landscape scene. We’ll make sure that the design does not only balance everything but also makes the outdoors a more functional and useful place to stay in.

  • Durability of Hardscaped Areas. Quality is of utmost importance in our landscape design. We don’t want to impress our clients with beautiful designs but using cheap materials. It is our greatest happiness to see you enjoying your landscape because only the best materials are recommended in the design.

  • Aesthetics. Landscapes have become the temporary escape for everyone. To be a beautiful escape, of course, the landscape needs to be aesthetically appealing. It’s a shame to have it designed without the aesthetics appeal. But beauty is defined differently by different people. We’re talking about your definition of aesthetics here.

All these are factored in whenever we create a design for your landscape. Our process has been used over and over and perfected overtime.

Our Design Process

We've been talking about this landscape design process. How does it work, exactly?

First, our designers will have a talk with you to get your personal preferences on the design. Your cooperation is very important in this stage. So we recommend that you imagine exactly how you want your landscape be changed. Second, we’ll help you delimit the design possibilities by discussing you the limitations based on the area, your comfort, and your budget. Next will be the actual designing phase.

There are times when a client is not completely satisfied with the first draft. Don’t worry. It is our aim to provide you with a “picture perfect” design. We’ll listen to your suggestions and, based on that, will revise the design. Our job is to create a satisfactory design, and we’ll revise it until you are truly satisfied without a doubt.

With Picture Perfect Landscapes, we care about your satisfaction. Our designs are aimed to help you achieve your goals. The landscape design process erases all worries about the “what if’s.” Start working with us. Contact our team and we can start right away with the first step.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities, Towns and surrounding areas in TN: