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Lawn Care Arlington, TN

Lawn Care Arlington, TN

Achieving a healthy and beautiful lawn is only possible if you exert enough time and effort for its care and maintenance. For example, some lawn care tasks such as mowing and leaf removal must be performed on a regular basis to ensure a spic and span lawn. Proper fertilization and efficient weed control programs are also important to maintain the health of your turf and other plantings.

These lawn care tasks can be time-consuming and can even lead to disasters if you decide to do them on a DIY manner. But why burden yourself with these tasks if you can just hire experienced professionals to do the job? Call us at 901-246-7656, and we will make sure that you'll have a clean, healthy, and properly maintained lawn. We have been offering this kind of service to property owners in Arlington, Lakeland, Germantown, Collierville, Memphis, and nearby cities in the state.

We Are Tennessee's Lawn Care Experts

Picture Perfect Landscapes is composed of highly trained and experienced landscaping professionals. We only employ crews with in-depth knowledge of proven lawn care methods and techniques. Clients can expect outstanding results since all of our crews have worked on numerous residential and commercial maintenance projects in Arlington, TN and surrounding areas. From mowing expansive lawns to performing core aeration, our crews can perform them with great efficiency by using scientific and systematic methods.

Aside from the unmatched skills of our lawn care personnel, they are also equipped with the right tools and equipment to complete their tasks in a fast and efficient manner. With these resources, we can guarantee minimal downtime and perform with precision the various lawn maintenance tasks that our clients hire us for. Our equipment inventory includes riding mowers, trimmers, edgers, aerators, spreaders, and other vital tools.

Customized Lawn Care Program

Lawn Care Arlington, TN

At Picture Perfect Landscapes, the health and beauty of your lawn is our primary concern. We never offer a one-size-fits-all service just to get more clients or show that we are the best people to hire. Instead, we talk to our clients to determine their needs. We also do an actual site inspection to assess the needs of the lawn. With this approach, we can create the perfect lawn care plan that will suit the needs of our clients and, at the same time, address the maintenance requirements of the lawn.

Property owners in Arlington and other areas we serve have already tried and tested our customized approach to lawn care. In fact, they continue to hire our services because of our skillful implementation of the customized plans that we have created for them. Our plans guarantee the optimum health of the plantings and the outdoor’s overall aesthetic appeal.

Our customized lawn care plan usually includes the following:

  • mowing frequency
  • the right type of fertilizer to use
  • weed control methods to adopt
  • irrigation frequency and interval
  • the use of seeding or sodding
  • application of industry-approved insect control solutions
  • leaf and debris removal

If you want the services of lawn care experts, call 901-246-7656 today. With Picture Perfect Landscapes, you can have a clean, healthy, and stunning lawn all year round without worrying about maintenance cost. Hire us today.

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