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Lawn Maintenance Collierville, TN

Lawn Maintenance Collierville, TN

Picture Perfect Landscapes is the most sought-after lawn maintenance provider in Collierville, Memphis, Germantown, Lakeland, Arlington, and other cities in Tennessee. Property owners choose us because of our extensive experience in the landscape industry, particularly in installation and maintenance. They know that we have the right people for the various lawn care and maintenance jobs and we guarantee outstanding results.

If your property is located in Collierville or surrounding areas, call us. We offer services that will address all the needs and maintenance requirements of your lawn. With us, you can expect a professionally maintained lawn without worrying about the costs. Call our hotline today.

Complete Lawn Maintenance Services

We always strive to be the go-to company of Tennessee property owners when it comes to lawn maintenance. And to achieve this goal, we decided to offer comprehensive offerings that will address all their needs. We can even create customized maintenance plans for clients who are serious about maintaining the health and beauty of their lawns.

Although we highly recommend our complete lawn maintenance package, clients can still hire us to work on any of these tasks:

Lawn Maintenance Collierville, TN
  • Mowing. The most common task that we perform for clients is mowing. Our crews are all property trained and knowledgeable of effective mowing techniques and methods. We also equip them with complete tools and equipment to perform their jobs fast and efficiently. We use riding mowers for expansive lawns and deploy more people if necessary to ensure timely completion of the task.

  • Curb edging. We usually include edging in our lawn mowing services. However, if you want us to specifically work on this task, we have the right tools and available crews. We can send them immediately to your location.

  • Leaf and debris removal. The usual concern of most property owners in Collierville, TN and surrounding areas we serve is on how to keep their lawns free from dead leaves and debris. And here at Picture Perfect Landscapes, we offer solutions to this kind of problem. You can call us anytime for a leaf and debris removal service. We have baggers, blowers and even trucks for removing and proper disposal of debris.

  • Weed control. Weeds can ruin the beauty and health of your lawn if they are neglected. Call us immediately so we can assess the extent of weed infestation and provide the right solutions. We only use industry-approved weed control solutions to avoid harming the environment and causing health risks to your children or pets.

  • Fertilizing. A healthy lawn is not only the result of efficient irrigation, regular mowing or choosing the right turf for your soil type. You need to feed your turf with the right nutrients for it to be healthy and resistant to diseases. Our fertilization program is carefully planned to maximize the absorption of nutrients and allow efficient lawn coverage.

We can also perform other lawn maintenance tasks, such as seeding, dethatching, aeration, and flower bed maintenance. Just tell us your concerns, and our maintenance crews will work on them.

Guaranteed Outstanding Results at Budget-friendly Rates

Our Tennessee clients, as well as those in Northern Mississippi, are guaranteed of top-notch lawn maintenance services regardless of the size and type of the property. We always do our best to give clients the best services possible. They can also get our services at budget-friendly rates. Call Picture Perfect Landscapes now at 901-246-7656.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities, Towns and surrounding areas in TN: