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Weed Control/Fertilization Lakeland, TN

Weed Control/Fertilization Lakeland, TN

At Picture Perfect Landscapes, taking care of your lawn's health is our business. For years, we have offered expert and results-oriented lawn care services, such as weed control and fertilization, to countless residents in Lakeland, Germantown, Collierville, Memphis, Arlington, and other Tennessee areas that we serve. Our team of seasoned crews has worked on some of the most challenging lawn maintenance tasks, as well as routine jobs that made our clients’ properties look more stunning and inviting.

If you wish to know more details about the services that we offer, please don’t think twice about calling us. We’d be happy to answer your concerns and offer the right solutions to your lawn care needs.

Weed Control and Fertilization: Keeping Your Lawn Clean and Green

Picture Perfect Landscapes employs crews who can perform proper weed control and fertilization. These lawn maintenance tasks are critical to keep lawns inviting and healthy. We follow our time-tested methods in performing these tasks, such as using only organic fertilizers and products that inhibit weed growth. We don’t rush tasks just to complete them and move on to the next but make sure that everything is done according to our set process. We do quality checks along the way to ensure that we’ll achieve the results that our Lakeland clients expect.

Getting Rid of Nasty Weed

Weed Control/Fertilization Lakeland, TN

Invasive weed species not only tend to make any lawn unattractive but also threaten the health of grasses, ornamentals, and other greenery. When not addressed immediately and correctly, such a seemingly harmless problem will result in the withering or death of the planted grasses, shrubs, and ornamental plants. By performing professional weed control through the use of eco-friendly products, we can maintain the health and beauty of your turf. We do other weed eradication methods, such as hand pulling, grubbing, slashing, mowing, and dozing, depending on our assessment of the weed type and the severity of infestation.

Keeping Your Plants and Lawn Healthy through Fertilization

Fertilization is an age-old method of ensuring the optimal growth and good health of various plants and lawn grasses. At Picture Perfect, we promote the use of environment-friendly fertilizers, including colorful mulches. We also observe proper ways of fertilizing plantings, such as applying fertilizers in frequency and timing based on the grass and plant species (examples: for cool season grasses, during fall; for warm season grass species, during early spring to summer). We make sure that we only apply the right amount of fertilizers at the right time to achieve great results.

The Best Crews to Work with

Our company is proud of its certified crews who will perform weed control and fertilization the proper way. We will ensure efficient weed control and proper fertilization methods so you can enjoy a lawn that not only looks amazing but also in perfect health. The best thing about all these is how affordable our services are; in fact, we probably offer the lowest rates among all landscaping companies in Lakeland, TN, offering similar services. So even with a small budget, you can still avail our professional lawn care service to ensure that your prized lawn stays in excellent condition all year long.

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