Light Up Your Property

Staying outdoors at night is relaxing and calming. Without a functional outdoor lighting system, you have to take the party inside.

Have Picture Perfect Landscapes provide the outdoor relaxation you’ve been dreaming of.

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

Aside from letting you relax and enjoy your yard after dark, outdoor lighting also lets you have the following benefits:

Create Focal Points

Whether it’s a residential area or a commercial establishment, a fully functional outdoor lighting system could also emphasize specific landscape elements especially at night.

It could be an exquisite brick fireplace, a majestic gazebo, a stunning pondless waterfall, or just about any stone structure or water feature. With our expertise, bringing out the best features of your outdoor area is a breeze.

Provide Security

A well-lit property has been proven to effectively keep potential burglars at bay. Just seeing that their faces can be identified because the area has lights in strategic places is enough to make anyone think twice to attempt breaking in and entering your property.

Make Your Outdoors Safe

Outdoor lights provide a certain level of safety for your home or business establishment during the night. This way, you can safely and leisurely walk and move around knowing that you don’t run the risk of tripping or falling because of an unseen object.

Types of Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

With the help of our certified and licensed electricians, we can provide you the exact outdoor lighting fixtures that you need.

These are the most common lighting fixtures that we can install for you:

Accent / Back Lights

These lighting fixtures give you a dramatic effect. Accent lights can be strategically placed to emphasize specific objects outside your home. They're placed behind an object like a boulder, creating a shadow that gives off mystical and dramatic feel.

Submersible Lights

If you have water features, submersible lights are the perfect option for you. These outdoor lighting fixtures will make water features like mini lagoons, waterfalls, ponds prominent and stunning.

Path/ Spotlights

We install path lights and spotlights along walkways, sidewalks, driveways, and front yards or backyards. These let you and your guests to walk around the property without accidentally slipping or falling because of hazards.


Down/ Flood Lights

There are specific areas in properties that need to be better illuminated more than other areas. These include parking areas, garages, and fences. These lighting fixtures are meant to deter burglars and vandals from entering your property.

Hire Us

For top-notch outdoor lighting system – hire the experts. If you’re from Memphis or nearby areas in Tennessee, Picture Perfect Landscapes is your best choice.

With our certified electricians, complete tools and equipment, and premium electrical supplies, getting the best outdoor lighting system is at your fingertips. Contact us today to learn more.