Adding an outdoor kitchen to your property will instantly increase the aesthetics of your outdoor living space and will provide you with a place to cook meals while enjoying the beautiful Tennessee weather. When designing your outdoor kitchen, you’ll want to consider what materials you want it to be constructed from so that it will blend in perfectly with the rest of your outdoor living space. You’ll also need to decide what amenities and features you want to add to it. To ensure that the final project will turn out just how you want it to, you should invest in a design rendering so you can see how your outdoor kitchen will look when it’s completed before the project even gets started!

1. Choose the Right Materials for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen beside patio and fire pit area in East Memphis, TN.

Choosing the material for your outdoor kitchen is an exciting project! However, you want to make sure that you choose a material that will meet both your functional and aesthetic needs. When investing in materials ask:

  • Will it blend in with the rest of my outdoor living space? If you have other features in your outdoor living space like a fire pit or a patio, you'll want your outdoor kitchen to blend in perfectly with them. When designing your outdoor kitchen, choose a material that will blend in perfectly with the rest of your outdoor living space.
  • Will your materials last? If you have a passion for hosting, or just like cooking outside, make sure you choose a material that is durable so it will be able to withstand constant use.
  • How much maintenance does it require? Certain materials require more maintenance than others. When choosing a material for your outdoor kitchen, made sure to consider maintenance requirements.
  • How long will the materials last? Maintaining your outdoor kitchen will affect its longevity, but so will the materials themselves! Every material has different natural durabilities, but the added factors of weather and use will contribute to the number of years it will last.

Some great material options to consider when designing an outdoor kitchen include concrete blocks and pavers.

2. Amenities & Features on Your Outdoor Kitchen Should Make Your Life Easier & More Enjoyable

Outdoor kitchen with a cooler and fridge installed in Bartlett, TN.

Your outdoor kitchen should be your biggest help when hosting outside. A seamless design and functional kitchen amenities will take your dinner party to the next level. To make your life easier and make using your outdoor kitchen more enjoyable, consider adding the following amenities and features:

  • Refrigerators - Prevent continuous trips inside while trying to keep your food cool with an outdoor refrigerator next to your cooking station.
  • Sinks - Adding a sink to your outdoor kitchen will allow you to wash your dishes and hands without having to go inside.
  • Outdoor lighting - Add lighting to your outdoor kitchen area so that you can keep using it even after the sun has set!
  • Seating walls - A seating wall will provide built-in seating to your outdoor living space.

3. Invest in a Design Rendering for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Design rendering of an outdoor kitchen project in Memphis, TN.

A design rendering is a great way for you to see what your kitchen will look like when it's completed before the installation ever begins! Seeing the end result of your outdoor kitchen is important to make you feel confident in your design decision. If you don't like your design, you can keep making changes to it until you're satisfied with the way it looks.

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