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Sod installation at a Germantown, TN home.

Sod Installation Services in the Greater Memphis, TN Area

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Let us install your sod so that you get an "instant lawn" filled with healthy, green grass.

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We Offer Sod Installation in & Around Memphis, Midtown Memphis & East Memphis, TN

Our 6-step sod installation process will transform your lawn in no time!

Completed sod installation in back yard around a patio in Bartlett, TN.

Sod offers the best way to achieve a healthy, green lawn without the wait. It's called an "instant lawn" for this very reason! At Picture Perfect Landscapes, we have a 6-step sod installation process that involves removing your existing grass and tilling your soil, installing your new sod, and more. Your sod can be mowed in 14 days, and you can begin using your lawn like normal after 3-4 weeks. As long as you water it regularly and adhere to our other tips, your sod will thrive. Our services are available in Memphis, Midtown Memphis, East Memphis, and nearby areas in Tennessee. Give us a call today at (901) 246-7656 to transform your lawn in no time!

Our Sod Installation Process in 6 Steps

Sod installation underway in the back yard of a Bartlett, TN home.

Sod is pre-grown grass that is green from the moment it is installed. This is why it is often referred to as an "instant lawn". We use three types of sod: Bermuda, Zoysia, and fescue. Many of our clients prefer sod over traditional grass seed because it requires less maintenance and time to achieve a healthy, green lawn.

Here is our sod installation process in 6 steps:

  1. Remove existing grass. When we arrive at your property, our crew will remove your existing grass until nothing but soil remains. We will also remove any rocks and debris.
  2. Till the soil. Next, we will till your soil to loosen up any compaction so that the soil is primed and ready for your new sod.
  3. Add topsoil. After we've tilled your soil, we will add a layer of topsoil to thicken it so that the roots of your sod have plenty of soil to grow in.
  4. Grade. Then, we will grade your soil down so that it's even before adding any grass. This is to ensure that your sod is installed on an even foundation and to slow soil erosion in the future.
  5. Install the sod. Now that the soil is ready, it's time to install your sod! Our professionals will create uniform rows of sod and ensure that there are no gaps between pieces of sod throughout your yard.
  6. Press it down. Lastly, we will use a lawn roller to press your sod into the soil. This is done to help your grass establish its roots.

We support our community by using a local farm to supply our sod!

How to Care for Your Sod After It Is Installed

Sprinkler watering healthy, green grass in Arlington, TN.

Now that your sod is installed, there are several things that you should do to help your lawn thrive. It won't be long before you can resume using your yard as you normally would, but in the beginning, we recommend that you care for your sod in the following ways:

  • Stay off your lawn. For starters, you should stay off of your lawn as much as possible in the first month. Your sod's pre-existing roots will need time to establish in the soil before you can begin walking on your lawn like normal.
  • Water it regularly to start. Your new sod requires a lot of hydration in the beginning in order to remain healthy. You should water your lawn every day for at least 20 minutes each day. The idea is for your new sod to be a little soggy to the touch for the first two weeks while the roots are establishing themselves in the soil.
  • Reduce watering after a few weeks. After around 10-14 days, you can reduce your watering schedule. At this point, the roots of your turf are developed, so you can cut your frequency down to about 30 minutes every other day.
  • Start using your lawn like normal! You can begin mowing your lawn after 14 days. Then, after 3-4 weeks, you can begin using it like normal. Make sure you cut down only the top 1/3 of your grass blades when mowing to keep your new sod in optimal health.

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At Picture Perfect Landscapes, we've offered top-notch sod installation in Memphis, Midtown Memphis, East Memphis, TN, and nearby areas for 19 years. We can help you determine the sod that's best for your lawn and handle the entire installation process. If you're ready to get started, give us a call today at (901) 246-7656 to receive a quote for our services!