Perfect for Hills

If you live in an area with slopes or hills, or you just want to spice up the look of your landscape, retaining walls might be the perfect addition for your landscape.

Advantages Retaining Walls

Besides preventing soil erosion, retaining walls have more benefits to offer as well.

They act as barriers for muddy water during heavy rains, so you won’t feel guilty about polluting the waters in your vicinity.

Plus they add a new area for planting crops, flowers, or a special play area for your kids.

Retaining walls can also enhance the beauty of your Memphis landscape. You can put hanging plants, flower beds, or steps.

You can also turn the other side of the retaining wall to a cozy sitting area. Add a water feature and you’ll have a refreshing hideaway during the warm, summer months.

Install it with a fire pit, and you’ll have a nice and safe campsite for your kids and their friends.

Segmental Wall Blocks: Retaining Walls that Never Fail

We don’t just build structures – we make sure that your retaining walls will last a long time by using segmental retaining wall blocks.

These blocks come from the sturdiest stones that are guaranteed to stand the test of time and nature.

They also come in different shapes and colors, which can create an interesting panorama to suit your existing landscape.

Segmental wall blocks must be expertly installed in order to maximize their functionality.

Here’s what we do to assure you of the best retaining walls this side of Tennessee:

  • Build a strong foundation: Before laying a foundation, we first check the compactness of the soil. We use the best tools and equipment to ensure that the soil is firm enough to prevent the walls from sinking.
  • Install effective drainage: A good, functional drainage is an essential factor when building retaining walls. Bad drainage results in flooding. This puts more weight and pressure on the soil, which may lead to bulging and, eventually, breakage of the retaining wall.
  • Provide suitable reinforcement: Not all reinforcement materials are good. Some retain more water than others. We prefer to use geogrids, gravel, and sand for faster water drainage.

Talk to the Retaining Wall Experts

We have licensed engineers, stone masons, and artisans who have undergone extensive training and years of experience in installing retaining walls.

You'll also get the best in the market for your project, coupled with the latest tools and equipment. We know how to efficiently lay the segmental blocks to create remarkable retaining walls that are both functional and beautiful.