Driveways can be easy to overlook, but a unique, eye-catching new one has the potential to increase your property's curb appeal tenfold! When designing a new driveway, you can use materials that meet your style and color preferences to enhance your property in Tennessee. However, that's not all! You can arrange your pavers in various eye-catching patterns that'll surely turn your driveway into a focal point; herringbone, ashlar, running bond, stack bond, and basketweave are five patterns you should consider when designing your new driveway.

1. Herringbone

Herringbone pattern in driveway project installed in Memphis, TN.

Herringbone is an intricate paver pattern you should consider when designing a new driveway, as it creates a unique and eye-catching display. This pattern got its name because it closely resembles that of the bare bones of a herring fish; it utilizes a meticulous arrangement of pavers that face inwards towards each other, with one end meeting the side of another, to create a sort of zigzag pattern. A herringbone pattern is perfect if you want a distinctive and bold look for your new driveway.

2. Ashlar

Ashlar pattern installed for driveway in Germantown, TN.

Ashlar is an eye-catching paver pattern that creates beauty from a seemingly random design while utilizing a repeating pattern. Ashlar is a great pattern option for your new driveway because it's flexible in its appearance; professionals can install your pavers in differently sized squares, rectangles, and even trapezoids to create an ashlar pattern that's unique to your property.

Ashlar masonry dates back thousands of years, with examples of it being found on structures in classical Greece and on ancient Egyptian pyramids.

3. Running Bond

Professional placing bricks in a running bond pattern in Collierville, TN.

Another paver pattern you should consider when designing your new driveway is running bond. Running bond patterns consist of pavers aligned in offset rows, creating a staggered appearance; a paver can be offset by either 1/2 or 1/3 of the paver in the row next to it so that they're not set directly on top of the other. Though simple, this popular pattern makes for an eye-catching display on a driveway.

4. Stack Bond

If you want a simple and more modern appearance for your new driveway, then a stack bond pattern is the way to go. As the name implies, pavers are stacked directly atop each other and are side by side, creating continuous, uniform lines horizontally and vertically. While it's not an intricate pattern choice, simplicity is both satisfying and eye-catching.

5. Basketweave

Basketweave is an interesting paver pattern to consider when designing a new driveway, as it presents the illusion of the pavers weaving behind and in front of the ones next to it. Constructing a basketweave pattern consists of using pairs of pavers, with one grouping facing vertically while the ones around it face horizontally. What's more, this pattern is very flexible; you can even arrange pavers into variants of the basic basketweave to best suit your aesthetic vision.

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