Your lawn in Tennessee requires specific nutritional support in order to maintain its health, which is where fertilization comes in. However, should you use liquid or granular products? Knowing the differences between granular and liquid fertilizers is important to choosing the right treatment, with the main one being the application method and how long it takes your grass to absorb them. A granular fertilizer consists of granules that take longer for your lawn to break down, and a liquid fertilizer is sprayed across it and makes nutrients readily accessible to start bolstering its health right away. Because of this, liquid fertilizers are ideal. To get the best results from fertilization, hiring professionals is recommended, as they use high-quality treatments and know when and how to apply them.

What is the difference between liquid and granular fertilizers?

While liquid and granular fertilizers both provide valuable nutrients to your lawn, there are some differences to consider. Liquid fertilizers are sprayed across your turf and easily absorbed since they don't have to be broken down any further. This means it can start reaping the benefits of those essential nutrients sooner. On the other hand, granular fertilizers consist of granules, which are scattered across your lawn and need to be watered in to activate. That way, it can start processing the treatment and breaking it down to absorb the nutrients, which will take some time before it can benefit from them.

Which fertilizer is better for your lawn in Tennessee: liquid or granular?

Liquid fertilizer being sprayed on a lawn in Memphis, TN.

When considering the differences between liquid and granular fertilizers and determining which is better for your lawn in Tennessee, the former stands out as the answer. After all, liquid fertilizers offer an effective way to provide essential nutrients to your lawn, making them readily accessible for the roots to absorb. As a result, they get to work bolstering your turf's overall health right away! With that nourishment, you'll notice the results sooner, specifically more vigorous, vibrant grass growth and stronger root systems.

You'll want to pair fertilization with weed control treatments to ensure your lawn doesn't have competition with weeds for nutrients.

Hire professionals to fertilize your lawn in Tennessee.

If you want to ensure that your lawn is lush, green, and healthy, it's essential to fertilize it regularly. However, not all fertilizers are created equal, and using the wrong type or applying it incorrectly may not yield the expected results. That's why it's highly recommended that you hire professionals to fertilize your turf in Tennessee. Pros use high-quality products with the correct amount of each nutrient to ensure it gets everything it needs to thrive. They also know when and how to apply the fertilizer treatments to provide consistent, long-lasting nourishment throughout the growing season and yield the best results.

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