While mowing your lawn in Tennessee, you may be tempted to bag the grass clippings. However, most of the time, it's more beneficial to leave them! Grass clippings are actually good for your lawn. As they decompose, they return nutrients to the soil. They also consist mostly of water, so leaving them helps your lawn stay hydrated and retain moisture. Leaving the grass clippings is not only beneficial to your lawn but to the environment as well. When you choose not to bag them, less waste is added to the local landfill. However, if your lawn is infected with a disease, this is the only time you want to bag them. Bagging grass clippings help prevent the spreading of the disease to other areas of your lawn. If your lawn is healthy, though, it's always best to leave them!

It's beneficial to leave grass clippings after mowing because they're good for your lawn.

Leaving grass clippings on your lawn after mowing has several great benefits and can result in a robust, healthy lawn! Grass clippings are filled with nutrients, and as they decompose, they return those nutrients to the soil, encouraging a healthy lawn. Additionally, they consist mostly of water, so they can help hydrate your lawn and improve moisture retention. Grass clippings also decompose quickly, providing these benefits without compromising the aesthetics of your lawn.

Grass clippings contain essential nutrients, such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous that are returned to the soil as they break down!

Leaving grass clippings on your lawn is the more environmentally friendly option.

A healthy lawn in Memphis, TN, that's been recently mowed.

Don't worry about bagging the grass clippings while you are mowing your lawn. Leaving them is the more environmentally friendly approach! That's because it prevents them from ending up in a landfill. When you bag grass clippings, they need to be loaded onto a vehicle and transported to a local landfill for disposal. Once there, they can contribute to landscape leachate, which is when rainwater draws the nutrients out of them and can contribute to groundwater contamination.

The only time you should bag grass clippings is when your lawn has a disease.

The only time you want to bag grass clippings is when your lawn is suffering from a disease, such as brown patch, dollar spot, fairy ring, or something else! When you bag the clippings, you can help prevent the disease from spreading to other areas of your lawn. However, unless you're trying to prevent a lawn disease from spreading, it's always ideal to leave the grass clippings. Sometimes, you may want to bag them when you want your lawn to instantly look neat and manicured after mowing, but you won't reap the benefits they provide. For this reason, if your lawn is healthy, there's no need to bag them!

To help prevent the spread of lawn disease, schedule a lawn disease control service and bag grass clippings after mowing.

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At Picture Perfect Landscapes, when we mow your lawn we will leave the grass clippings unless requested to bag them to allow your lawn to receive all of their benefits. We've been in business for 19 years and know how important proper mowing techniques are to encourage a healthy lawn. When you sign up for our lawn mowing program, we will visit your property weekly, starting April 1st and continuing until the end of October to cover the entire growing season.

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