It may be getting chilly outside here in Memphis, TN, but that doesn't mean the fun must end. If you're accustomed to entertaining or hosting visitors outdoors but are concerned you'll soon need to go take it inside due to the cold weather, don't fret! You can continue playing the outdoor host by installing a fireplace or fire pit.

Once you make up your mind to add an outdoor fire element to your property the only thing left is to choose between a fire pit and fireplace. This decision is often a factor of square footage, party sizes, and the statement you're looking to make. Continue reading to learn more so you can make an informed decision on which type of fire feature you would like to add to your property.

How large is your property?

A stone fireplace built on a patio behind a home in Bartlett, TN.

When deciding between a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace, the decision often boils down to the amount of space you have at your disposal. From a functionality standpoint, outdoor fireplaces typically work better for larger properties, while fire pits work better for smaller properties. Outdoor fireplaces generally require substantially more space due to their size and overall design.

Since fireplaces are often placed at the edge of decks, patios, or your yard, they're usually built along straight paths. That means that you'll need a property big enough to comfortably fit the fireplace and you'll need enough space in front of it for people to comfortably gather. In contrast, fire pits are usually round and can be placed in the center of your outdoor space. That's why they take up much less square footage.

Is it common for you to have a large gathering of people at your home?

Outdoor fireplaces are more suited to standing in front of or mingling. So, if you like hosting larger parties, an outdoor fireplace is probably the better option as their layout typically offers more room to move around.

Since you tend to sit or stand around a fire pit in a full circle or semi-circle, they're much more intimate than a fireplace. The heat fire pits radiate may also not extend as far as you might expect from an outdoor fireplace. If you don't typically host large gatherings, an outdoor fire pit could be the right fit for you.

Are you looking for a large statement piece on your property or something a little more low-key?

Another factor that should weigh heavily on whether to choose an outdoor fireplace versus a fire pit is the type of statement you're looking to make. Since fireplaces are generally larger than fire pits, they make a grand statement. This means if you install an outdoor fireplace, it would likely be the focal point of your outdoor living space.

A fire pit adds a level of flair and personality to your outdoor space. However, its smaller stature means that it won't make as big of a statement as an outdoor fireplace would. If you're looking for something that's a little more low-key, then a fire pit is the right choice for you.

Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are both available in wood-burning and gas-burning options.

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