Fleas and ticks are as pesky as they are common here in Tennessee, so if you're dealing with them on your property, you're not alone. However, they can pose a danger to humans and pets alike, as they can transmit diseases through their bites; this makes it all the more important to take preventative measures to keep them off of your property, like keeping your grass mowed and your lawn free of debris. Ticks and fleas are notorious for hiding in tall grass and under debris for protection and shade. While eliminating their ideal habitats can effectively reduce their presence on your property, the best way to ensure these nuisances stay off your property is to sign up for a professional flea and tick control program. Continue reading to learn more about the tips and tricks to keeping fleas and ticks off of your property.

Regularly Mow Your Grass

Professional mowing lawn in Lakeland, TN.

Tall grass is an ideal habitat for fleas and ticks to seek refuge in, as it offers protection from the sun. These pests also like to climb to the top of tall grass so they can latch onto a passing host. Fortunately, regularly mowing your grass will keep it short and make it easier for sunlight to reach the ground; with more sunlight streaming through, the conditions are brighter and dryer - which fleas and ticks don't like. Keeping your grass mowed will make your property less appealing to them but more aesthetically appealing overall!

The most common ticks in Tennessee are the black-legged (deer) tick, the lone star tick, the brown dog tick, and the American dog tick.

Keep Your Lawn Free of Debris

Fleas and ticks are attracted to warm, moist environments that provide shade and protection. These pests love debris like sticks, leaves, and other foliage because they can use them to escape the sun and hide from predators, which is why it's crucial to keep your lawn free of debris. Regularly cleaning your yard and picking up debris will leave them with no shady places to obscure themselves, which can help deter them from your property.

Sign Up for a Professional Flea & Tick Control Program

Backpack fogger used for flea ad tick control treatment in Germantown, TN.

While regularly mowing your lawn and keeping it free of debris are great preventative measures to discourage fleas and ticks from your property, it doesn't guarantee they'll all stay away. That's where a flea and tick control program comes in! When you sign up for this type of program, a professional will come to your property and apply their effective product to eliminate these pests, targeting all the right areas. However, it doesn't end there! You'll also be on their rotation, which means they will return regularly to reapply their treatments, ensuring your property has overlapping coverage and protection from fleas and ticks year-round. With professional treatments, you can go back to enjoying your outdoor living space and have peace of mind knowing fleas and ticks are a problem of the past.

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