Memphis, TN is home to a wide array of beautiful plants. No matter where you look, you’re sure to find a flower, shrub, or tree that catches your eye. Memphis has everything from colorful flower blooms to sprawling shrubs that can make fine additions to your landscape. If you're looking to enhance the look of your outdoor space, then continue reading to learn about the various plants that will thrive in your landscape beds!

Flowers That Thrive in Memphis

Purple coneflower blooming in landscape in Memphis, TN.

You can easily distinguish the purple coneflower from others due to its colorful appearance. It’s part of the daisy family and has narrow, droopy petals that can be shades of lavender, pink, or purple. You’ll normally find them blooming in mid-summer and then again in the fall.

True to its namesake, the blue false indigo is adorned with blue, pealike flowers along its stem. These flowers are produced in mid-to-late spring about a month after the leaves emerge, and the flowering period only lasts for 2-3 weeks. These plants are easy to grow when placed in the full sun, and they can tolerate most soils.

Lance-leaved coreopsis is another flower that thrives in Memphis, TN. They grow in small clumps and the flower heads are yellow. These flowers start blooming from April through July. They make a good addition to pollinator gardens because bees, birds, and butterflies are very fond of them!

Shrubs That Thrive in Memphis

The Virginia sweetspire is a shrub decorated with small, white, sweetly scented flowers, and they start blooming in May or June. It thrives in moist soil and can grow well in either the sun or shade. When they mature, these shrubs can grow 3-5 feet tall.

Fragrant sumacs are beautiful shrubs that do well in full sun or partial shade. They are covered in yellow-green flowers, and the female plants will produce clusters of fuzzy red fruit through June. When fall rolls around in Memphis, the leaves on this shrub will turn a bright red-purple color.

Ninebark is a shrub that prefers the full sun, and it can grow up to ten feet tall. Its bark peels off in papery layers, which is where the name “ninebark” comes from. Its flowers have five white petals that grow in flat clusters, blooming in May or June.

Shrubs work as excellent ground covers because they help prevent soil erosion and retain moisture!

Trees That Thrive in Memphis

Magnolia tree blooming in lawn in Memphis, TN.

The eastern redbud is a tree with a short trunk and a rounded crown of spreading branches. The tree can grow anywhere from 15 to 30 feet high, and its twigs are covered in pink flowers. You’ll notice the flowers blooming between March and April and they will persist for 2-3 weeks.

Sassafras is a short to medium-sized tree that emits a pleasant aroma. It blooms in early spring and is adorned with clusters of yellow flowers about 1-2 inches long. This is a tree that thrives in the full sun and grows relatively quickly.

Lastly, there is the southern magnolia. This tree has large white flowers and shiny evergreen leaves that look rusty on their undersides. This is a tree that needs to be planted in a spot where it can get a lot of sun. You’ll see this tree blooming from May through June in Memphis, TN, with some blossoms still occurring throughout the summer.

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