The fall season is a great time to schedule maintenance tasks for your lawn and landscape in Tennessee to help get them ready for winter. These tasks include debris and leaf removal, plant trimming and pruning, landscape bed reshaping and weed control, and lawn mowing. Debris and leaf piles can smother your grass and plants, so removing any build-up will ensure they can access much-needed resources before winter dormancy. Trimming and pruning will also help keep your plants healthy and shapely. By reshaping your landscape beds and removing any weeds, you can give them a revitalized appearance. Finally, mowing your grass in the fall will spruce it up and ensure it's at an ideal height in preparation for winter.

Remove debris and leaves blocking resources from your grass and plants.

One of the most important maintenance tasks you can do in the fall is removing debris and leaf piles from your yard. This is because debris and leaf build-up can block resources from reaching your grass and plants, which can cause them to become unhealthy right before they go dormant for the winter. Not only that, but it can also attract unwanted insects and create an ideal environment for fungal diseases to fester. It’s best to remove all debris and leaf piles from your lawn and landscape to ensure they can access everything they need to prepare for the winter and look great.

Trimming and pruning your plants this fall will bolster their health and shape.

Another maintenance task you should do in the fall is plant trimming and pruning. Trimming involves cutting back overgrown branches and foliage to improve the appearance and shape of your plants. On the other hand, pruning involves cutting off dead, insect-infested, or diseased parts to prevent those issues from spreading to the rest of the plant. Both of these maintenance tasks are beneficial in the fall, as they'll bolster their health and ensure they're in tip-top shape in preparation for the winter.

Practicing selective pruning is vital for the health of your plants, meaning you only perform this process when it's the right time to avoid causing unnecessary harm.

Reshaping your landscape beds and removing weeds will enhance their curb appeal this fall.

Reshaping and removing weeds from your landscape beds are other crucial fall maintenance tasks. Reshaping them will revitalize their appearance and enhance their overall curb appeal, ensuring your property looks its best as it transitions into winter. You should also remove any weeds from your landscape beds since they can make them look messy and steal vital nutrients away from your plants, which they need to stay in optimal health and survive the cold temperatures.

Lawn mowing is a must this fall to prepare your grass for the winter.

Lawn mowing is the last maintenance task you should perform in the fall. Not only does it make your turf look manicured and pristine, but it'll also prepare it for the winter by keeping it at an ideal height. After all, tall grass can become matted from the snow and trap moisture underneath, spurring the development of lawn diseases. However, you'll also want to ensure you don't cut it too short, as that can leave it vulnerable right before it goes dormant.

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