The spring season is a great time of the year here in Tennessee! It's when the new growing season gets underway and plants and grass come back to life after a winter slumber. A fantastic way to take the beauty of your property to the next level this spring is by having annual flowers installed in your landscape beds. However, if you want those flowers to thrive, there are a few things that you should do. First, you should clean up your landscape beds to remove any weeds or debris from them. Second, you should apply fertilizer to your flowers to supply them with the nutrients they need. Finally, you should add mulch to your landscape beds to provide your flowers with various health benefits. Continue reading this blog to learn more about these 3 things that you can do to help your spring annual flowers thrive!

1. Clean Up Your Landscape Beds

Spring annual flowers in a landscape bed in Memphis, TN.

If you want your spring annual flowers to thrive, you'll need to provide them with ideal conditions to do so. If your landscape beds are filled with debris, they can smother your flowers and block them from receiving the nutrients and resources they need to grow to their full potential. So, you'll want to remove any debris in them. Additionally, you'll also want to remove any weeds from your landscape beds. In addition to being unattractive, weeds need the same resources your flowers need to grow, and they will happily steal those resources from your plants for their own selfish gains. By removing debris and weeds from your landscape beds, you'll be helping your spring annual flowers access everything they need to grow strong and beautiful!

2. Fertilize Your Flowers

Just like with all living things, your spring annual flowers will need to eat to continue growing. Their food comes in the form of nutrients, which they will get naturally from the soil they are planted in. However, the nutrients present in soil are often not enough to help your flowers reach their full potential. That's where fertilizer treatments come in. When you fertilize your flowers, you will be supplying them with vital nutrients they need to thrive such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

3. Add Mulch to Your Landscape Beds

While mulch is often considered a great addition to landscape beds because it can enhance their overall beauty, it can do so much more! Mulch also plays a large role in keeping your spring annual flowers healthy. It can regulate the soil temperature to protect the roots of your flowers, smother weeds so they can't steal nutrients from your flowers, reduce soil erosion, help soil retain moisture, and more! However, it needs to be installed correctly for your flowers to reap the benefits of it. So, you should leave this task to professionals to ensure the job gets done right!

Mulch will add nutrients to your soil as it decomposes!

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