With all the effort you've poured into making sure your lawn in Tennessee is in excellent health, it can be disheartening to see it struggling and showing signs of disease. One of the common diseases that your grass can encounter is leaf spot. This fungal disease results in dark spots on the grass blades that get bigger as the infection worsens, eventually developing rings with a bleached center. Leaf spot can kill your lawn if left to its own devices, so you should call lawn care experts at the first sign of this disease. They can diagnose your grass and apply the proper curative treatment to target it. To prevent your lawn from suffering the same fate in the future, you'll want to follow a proper lawn care regimen to ensure it is strong enough to fight off infections.

What is leaf spot disease?

Leaf spot is a lawn disease caused by different types of fungi and affects cool-season and warm-season lawns. This disease is easy to notice because it results in discoloration of the grass. The grass blades of affected lawns have dark brown or black spots that will widen as the disease progresses, eventually developing rings with yellow or bleached centers. When left untreated, leaf spot disease can spread to the roots and kill large parts of your lawn.

How To Put a Stop To Leaf Spot Disease

If you suspect your grass is suffering from leaf spot, the first thing you need to do is contact lawn care professionals. When you do, they'll come out and inspect your lawn to determine whether it is indeed affected by this disease. Proper diagnosis is crucial in administering the correct corresponding treatment. This way, you can prevent causing more harm than good. Once the professionals diagnose your grass, they can treat it with the proper curative lawn disease control treatment to effectively stop leaf spot from causing more damage.

Follow a proper lawn care regimen to strengthen your lawn so it stands up to leaf spot in the future.

With leaf spot out of the picture, the best thing you can do moving forward is to bolster your lawn's strength so it is better equipped to stand up to this disease and others in the future. To do that, you need to follow a good lawn care regimen, which can consist of these services:

  • Lawn Fertilization: Fertilizers provide vital nutrients that will improve your lawn's overall health and vigor and build up its resistance to stressors like lawn diseases, insect infestations, and drought.
  • Weed Control: Applying pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments will keep your lawn free of invasive weeds, meaning your grass can maximize nutrients without any competition.
  • Aeration: Aerating your lawn every year will ensure the soil is not compacted so nutrients, water, air, and sunlight can penetrate it and reach its roots. This service will also help your lawn develop stronger roots!
  • Overseeding: This lawn care service involves spreading new seeds on your turf to bring in new growth that can fill in sparse areas. It will make your lawn lusher, denser, and more able to withstand stressful conditions.
Besides leaf spot, other common lawn diseases in Tennessee include brown patch, dollar spot, and fairy ring.

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