As the spring season gets underway here in Tennessee, your grass and plants will start growing again as they emerge from winter dormancy. However, your desirable vegetation won't be the only thing that will be growing during the spring, so will weeds! If you want to keep your lawn weed-free this spring, you'll want to use a combination of pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments. When it comes to the timing of these treatments, you'll need to follow a strict application schedule in order to get the desired results. You should apply pre-emergent treatments in late winter and early spring to get a head start in the battle against weeds. You'll want to apply post-emergent treatments in late winter and three times throughout the spring to deal with existing weeds. While weed control is important in the spring, you should also apply fertilizer treatments during this time to help your lawn reach its full potential!

How often should you apply pre-emergent weed control treatments in the spring?

If you want to win the battle against weeds, you'll need to start the fight early. In late winter, you'll want to apply a round of pre-emergent weed control to get a head start in preventing spring weeds. This treatment will form a barrier on your soil that will help prevent weeds from sprouting. Then, you'll want to apply a second pre-emergent treatment in the early spring to reinforce the protection layer. By utilizing two pre-emergent treatments, you can reduce the amount of spring weeds that will pop up on your lawn, making your weed-control journey much easier.

How often should you apply post-emergent weed control treatments in the spring?

Person applying a post-emergent weed control treatment to a weed.

While pre-emergent weed control treatments are very effective, they don't always prevent every weed from sprouting. That's why you need to also use post-emergent treatments to deal with existing weeds. Right before spring starts, you should apply a round of post-emergent weed control in the late winter to tackle any weeds on your lawn. Then, you'll want to follow up that treatment with additional post-emergent treatments in early spring, mid-spring, and at the end of the spring season. By following this comprehensive schedule, you can keep your property free of weeds throughout the spring.

Pair your spring weed control treatments with fertilization treatments to get a healthy, beautiful lawn!

While applying weed control treatments to your lawn in the spring is a great way for you to keep it free of weeds, your lawn will need more care than that to reach its full potential. That's where fertilization treatments come in. These treatments will provide your grass with the nutrients it needs to grow strong, healthy, and green. You should apply one round of fertilizer to your lawn in the middle of spring to provide your turf with the nutrients that will help it thrive as the growing season gets underway. Then, you should apply another round at the end of spring to replenish the nutrients your lawn has used up since the last treatment and to help prepare it for the upcoming summer.

The three most common nutrients that are found in most fertilizer treatments are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

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