If you want your property in Tennessee to be adorned with trees and shrubs that thrive throughout the year, you need to trim and prune your plants to keep their health and appearance in check. Your trees and shrubs should also receive fertilization treatments twice a year to keep them nourished with vital nutrients that help them grow nice and strong. It will also be very beneficial for your trees and shrubs if you regularly inspect them for signs of diseases and insects. This way, you can catch issues early on and treat them right away before a disease or insect infestation causes significant damage to your plants.

Trimming and pruning your trees and shrubs will maintain their tip-top health and appearance.

Shrub being pruned by a professional in Oakland, TN.

Trimming and pruning are both vital in helping your trees and shrubs thrive throughout the year. However, many property owners seem to confuse the two. Knowing their differences is crucial so you can give your plants the care they deserve.

  • Trimming focuses on maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your trees and shrubs. Your plants will eventually become overgrown and need to be trimmed. By trimming your plants and shrubs regularly, you can keep them looking neat and manicured.
  • Pruning is meant to preserve the tip-top health of your trees and shrubs. It involves cutting off parts of the plant that are diseased, dead, or infested with insects. Pruning should be done when your plants are actively growing to prevent causing them more stress.

Nourish Your Trees & Shrubs With Essential Nutrients Through Fertilization Treatments

Fertilizing your trees and shrubs is one of the most effective ways to ensure they have the strength to thrive throughout the year. To yield the best results for your plants, you should fertilize them twice a year. Fertilizing in the spring helps your trees and shrubs come out of winter dormancy, enter the new growing season, and prepare for the summer heat. Another fertilization treatment in the fall nourishes your trees and shrubs with the essential nutrients they need to recuperate from the summer stress and prepare for the winter season.

Fertilizers contain three essential nutrients: nitrogen, phosphoris, and potassium.

Check your trees and shrubs regularly for signs of diseases or insect infestations.

Fire blight tree disease found in client's tree in Germantown, TN.

To ensure that your trees and shrubs don't succumb to any diseases or insect infestations, you should keep a close eye on them throughout the year. Regularly checking your trees and shrubs for any signs of diseases or insect infestations will allow you to catch problems with their health early on. If you see any indication that your trees and shrubs are affected by a disease or insect infestation, you'll want to call tree and shrub care professionals immediately so they can treat your plants right away. By taking care of any issues with your plants right away, you can prevent them from sustaining too much damage.

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When properly taken care of, your trees and shrubs can be outstanding features in your landscape. Here at Picture Perfect Landscapes, we can ensure your trees and shrubs are in excellent shape throughout the year with our tree and shrub care services. Our team can trim and prune your plants, fertilize them twice a year, and treat them for diseases or insect infestation to help them thrive.

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