An outdoor kitchen is a great addition for any property in Tennessee, as it can become a focal point and increase its value! However, you can take things up a notch and make this feature even more functional for you by adding a few different amenities to the design, including a pizza oven, bar, wine cooler, grill, and smoker. With these amenities, you can take your outdoor kitchen from basic to extraordinary!

Incorporating a pizza oven into your outdoor kitchen will provide a unique cooking experience!

A pizza oven is a great feature to add to your outdoor kitchen. This amenity provides a unique cooking experience for all involved, as it's highly interactive and allows you to make delicious pizzas to perfection! They are also designed to cook at high temperatures, which means you won't have to wait long before savoring your meal. What's more, you can make more than just pizzas in these ovens, but also meats, vegetables, and bread! Another reason to incorporate it into your outdoor kitchen design is that you can choose its shape and size so it fits your needs perfectly.

Adding a bar to your outdoor kitchen will make serving and entertaining your guests easier.

If you want to take hosting and entertaining to the next level, then a bar is a much-needed amenity for your outdoor kitchen. With this feature, you can serve food and drinks while chatting and interacting with your guests! You can also make it more convenient for you and your guests by adding bar stools for extra seating in your outdoor space.

A wine cooler will ensure you have cold wines and beverages ready in your outdoor kitchen.

Whether you're hosting a gathering with friends and loved ones or employees and clients, you'll want to have easy access to cold beverages in your outdoor kitchen. That's why you need to incorporate a wine cooler into the design! This amenity will ensure that you have cold wines and beverages ready and within reach at all times, so you don't have to run inside to grab a drink for your guests.

Depending on your preference and need, you can choose to add a small or large wine cooler to your outdoor kitchen!

Incorporating a grill into your outdoor kitchen will make it more functional.

A grill is one of the best amenities you can incorporate into your outdoor kitchen. This feature allows you to grill food outside, making it more functional and convenient than going inside to cook. It also gives the meals a smoky flavor that many enjoy, and you can make anything from meats and vegetables to seafood and much more!

Make sure to add a smoker to your outdoor kitchen and take your cooking to new heights!

If you love tender, flavorful meat, you'll want to add a smoker to your outdoor kitchen. A smoker helps take your cooking to new heights and achieve the best qualities of barbeque, such as rich, smoky flavors and textures that you can't get anywhere else. This amenity does this by cooking the food at low temperatures over an extended period, and it's just what you need to impress your guests with top-quality meals!

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