Pergolas and pavilions are great structures that will add beauty and function to your outdoor living space. If you're unsure which option is perfect for your property in Tennessee, there are a few differences between them to consider. A pavilion is a fully-roofed structure that provides shade from the sun and will take up a larger space on your property. On the other hand, pergolas have roofs made with slats to provide partial shade from the sun. They are smaller compared to pavilions but do well in any space you put them in. No matter your choice, you need to ensure it is made with treated wood. Pergolas and pavilions constructed out of treated wood are resistant to insects and wood rot and last longer!

Consider how much protection from the sun you want when choosing between a pergola and a pavilion.

When choosing between a pergola and a pavilion, it's important to consider how much protection from the sun you want while spending time outside. A pavilion will provide full protection from the sun, as it has a solid roof that covers the entire structure. Pavilions generally have four posts, with all of the sides open. Rain or shine, it will provide full shade and cover at all times.

Meanwhile, a pergola offers partial shade from the sun with its slatted roof design. If you don't want to totally block out the sun but still want to enjoy some much-needed reprieve from its warmth, this is the better choice for you. The roof of pergolas also provides a unique and interesting aesthetic for your outdoor living space.

Consider the Space You Want Your Structure to Take Up

When choosing between pavilions and pergolas, you need to consider the space the structure will take up. Pavilions are larger structures than pergolas and will take up more space. It is often designed to cover a more expansive area, which is why you'll often see pavilions in parks and other public spaces. If you have a larger outdoor living space, a pavilion would fit nicely.

Compared to pavilions, pergolas are smaller structures that work best if you don't have a lot of space to work with. However, they don't make it look cramped and smaller than it was because of their open design. Pergolas are also a great option for defining an area in large outdoor spaces and can be a great focal point.

No matter which option you choose, make sure your pergola or pavilion is made of treated wood.

There's no wrong choice between a pergola or a pavilion for your outdoor living space. The decision is solely up to you and which option fits your needs and style better. No matter the option you choose, you'll want to make sure that your structure is made of treated wood. Treated wood is wood that has been primed with various treatments to prolong its life. Here are some of the reasons why you'll want to use treated wood for your pergola or pavilion:

  • Treated wood is resistant to decay, insects, and wood rot.
  • Treated wood lasts longer and maintains its structural integrity.
  • Treated wood is more durable.

Treated wood can be stained or painted so your pergola or pavilion complements the rest of your property's aesthetic!

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