Lawns and landscape beds here in Tennessee are no strangers to weeds. Not only are they persistent, but they steal precious nutrients and resources from your grass and plants. Controlling weeds on your property can be done through hand-pulling or spraying herbicides. While hand-pulling can be effective, it's more labor-intensive. Because of this, the best way to control weeds is with pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments. If you want to make your life even easier and ensure they're applied at the right time, you can enroll in a weed control program! This way, you can keep your property protected from weeds throughout the growing season.

Hand-pulling weeds can be effective, but it's more labor-intensive.

One of the most common and traditional ways of controlling weeds is by hand-pulling. This method involves manually pulling weeds out of the ground. While it can be effective, especially for small areas, it can also be labor-intensive and time-consuming. Not only that, but you have to make sure you get the entire root, otherwise it could regrow and spread, creating even more work. It can also be difficult to get to and remove weeds that are growing in hard-to-reach areas, like between cracks in the pavement or near fences. Overall, hand-pulling weeds can be a viable option for small areas and larger weeds, but it’s not the most efficient or longest-lasting method of weed control.

The most effective method of weed control is by spraying pre- and post-emergent treatments.

Using herbicides is a more effective and efficient method of weed control. There are two types of herbicides you can use: pre-emergent and post-emergent. Pre-emergent treatments are applied before the weeds have a chance to grow. They work by creating a barrier between the soil and the surface, keeping weeds at a certain point in their growth cycle from sprouting so they can't cause problems in the first place. On the other hand, post-emergent treatments are applied directly to existing weeds, sinking into the soil and killing them at the roots.

A big advantage of spraying herbicides is that it's much faster and easier than pulling weeds by hand. You simply spray the herbicide across your entire lawn or directly onto the weeds. This method is also generally more effective, especially when you utilize pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments together.

Some common weeds here in Tennessee include crabgrass, poa annua, nutsedge, and dandelions.

You can make your life easier and ensure treatments are timed properly by enrolling in a weed control program!

If you want to make your life easier and ensure treatments are timed properly for optimal results, enrolling in a weed control program is a great option. With this program, pros will come to your property on a regular basis to apply pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments. They will also know the proper times to apply them so that they're effective and give you the best possible results for your lawn and landscape beds.

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