Spring is the season of rebirth for your lawn in Tennessee, bringing warmer temperatures and the perfect time to fertilize! Spring fertilization is highly beneficial because it'll provide your grass with essential nutrients that help it emerge from winter dormancy and recover from any damage it sustained. Additionally, it'll stimulate new growth and aid in a quicker green-up to ensure it starts the spring season in great shape. What's more, by fertilizing your lawn in the spring, you'll bolster its strength and health in preparation for the hot summer months, meaning it can better withstand this already challenging season! Spring fertilization is essential for achieving a vigorous, vibrant turf year after year.

Spring Fertilization Will Help Your Lawn Emerge From Winter Dormancy

Your lawn goes dormant during the winter to preserve its resources and survive this challenging season, but as spring arrives, it'll likely have used most, if not all, of its reserves. So, it'll need help transitioning into the new growing season. That's where spring fertilization comes in! Fertilizers contain vital nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium that help your lawn emerge from winter dormancy, replenishing its supply so it has an easier time waking up. Not only that, but it'll also fuel its recovery from any winter-related damages it sustained. That way, it can start the spring season on the right foot.

Spring Fertilization Will Help Your Grass Bounce Back & Green up Quicker

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Another reason you should fertilize your lawn in the spring is because it will help it bounce back and green up quicker. After being dormant for several months, your grass will need some TLC to bring it back to life. A spring fertilizer treatment will stimulate new, healthy growth, promote robust root development, and restore its vibrant green color. As a result, it will give it a much-needed kickstart at the start of the growing season and set it up to stay healthy and beautiful.

Pairing weed control treatments with spring fertilization will ensure weeds don't steal the nutrients away from your grass!

Fertilizing Your Lawn in the Spring Will Prepare It for the Hot Summer Months

Another way that fertilizing your lawn in the spring is necessary is it helps prepare it for the hot summer months. Summer is stressful for your turf, with high temperatures that can cause it to turn brown and struggle. Fortunately, a spring fertilizer treatment will build up its strength and health so that this doesn't happen. By fortifying its resilience to stressors and getting it in tip-top condition ahead of summer, it'll have the best chance of surviving and staying as healthy as possible.

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