Are you looking for an easy way to give your property here in Tennessee a pick-me-up this spring? If so, a spring yard cleanup may be the solution. Spring cleanups are a great option if you want to boost both the overall health and curb appeal of your lawn this season. Spring cleanups include removing excess debris off of your lawn, which prevents the smothering of your grass. Another part of spring cleanups is replenishing your mulch supply, which protects your landscape bed plants in a variety of ways. Spring cleanups also involve removing weeds from your landscape beds and that offers even more benefits to your plants.

Removing excess debris prevents the smothering of your grass.

Debris pick up for spring cleanup service in Lakeland, TN.

One of the main tasks included in a spring yard cleanup is the removal of excess debris from your lawn. This is very important because debris (such as dead branches and leftover piles of leaves) can smother or even kill your grass. It does this by blocking sunlight, water, and vital nutrients from reaching the roots of your turf. This can damage the grass directly underneath the debris as well as inhibit the growth of new grass later in the year. All in all, leaving excess debris on your lawn can make it even more difficult for your grass to emerge from winter dormancy. By removing excess debris with a spring yard cleanup, you can prevent your grass from being smothered and help it green up beautifully this spring.

Removing excess debris from your yard can even help to prevent lawn diseases and pest infestations.

Refreshing your mulch supply protects your landscape bed plants.

Landscape bed topped off with mulch in Midtown Memphis, TN.

Another helpful part of a spring yard cleanup is the replenishment of your mulch supply. Keeping your landscape beds completely covered with mulch is very important for the overall health of your plants. Mulch ground covers don't only look more aesthetically pleasing than bare soil; they also help to regulate the temperature of your soil. In addition to this, mulch ground covers even help to suppress weeds and keep the roots of your plants moist for longer. That way, you won't have to pull weeds quite as often or water your landscape beds nearly as frequently. By refreshing your mulch ground covers during a spring yard cleanup, you can ensure that your landscape bed plants will be protected.

Removing weeds from your landscape beds provides additional benefits for your plants.

Spring yard cleanups also include landscape bed weed control. Weed removal is typically helpful no matter where you do it, but removing weeds from your landscape beds is especially beneficial for your plants. The problem with weeds is not only that they are unsightly; they also steal sunlight, water, and essential nutrients from your landscape bed plants. Your plants need these things to stay strong and grow healthily, so you don't want pesky weeds to swipe them from your plants. The landscape bed weed control included in a spring yard cleanup will keep your plants from having to compete for these vital resources.

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