Fall leaf piles may look picturesque and beautiful on your lawn in Tennessee, but did you know that they can actually be very harmful to your grass? Piles of leaves can smother your lawn by blocking air and other nutrients from reaching your grass. They also can be home to pests that, if left unnoticed, could cause an infestation on your lawn. Not only that, but they also are the perfect breeding ground for several kinds of lawn diseases that you may not notice until you go to clean up your yard in the spring. To avoid all of these issues, we highly recommend cleaning up the leaf piles in your yard rather than turning a blind eye to them!

Leaves can block your grass from receiving essential resources.

Leaves blocking sun from grass in Arlington, TN.

In order to stay beautiful and strong year-round, your grass needs to receive essential nutrients and resources. Water, air, and sunlight are all key to maintaining the health of your lawn, but piles of leaves can block access to these important resources. Without access, your lawn will struggle under the big piles and you might be unpleasantly surprised in the spring to find weak, patchy grass. It is best to remove the leaf piles so your grass doesn't become smothered!

Leaf piles make an ideal environment for insects.

Bug crawling through leaf pile in a lawn in Collierville, TN.

While they may look pretty, piles of leaves can actually be ideal environments for lots of pests. Leaf piles provide dark, moist environments where lots of insects swarm and make their homes. Some common insects you may find in leaf piles in Tennessee are earwigs, silverfish, pillbugs, cockroaches, ticks, and fleas. A few of these pests carry diseases, and others can have a negative effect on the health of your lawn, so you don't want them to gather on your property. Removing the leaves will help prevent an insect infestation from forming on your lawn.

If you don't remove leaf piles in the fall, you might discover a lawn disease in the spring.

Ignoring the leaf piles on your lawn now might seem appealing, but it could actually force you to do more work for your lawn in the spring. Leaf piles create the perfect environment for lawn diseases to form because they trap moisture underneath and prevent sunlight from reaching the grass. It’s possible you won’t notice these diseases until you go to tidy up the lawn in the spring, and, by that time, a lawn disease might be fully formed. This will require you to purchase lawn care services to nurse your lawn back to health! Removing your leaf piles now will remove the moist, dark environment that lawn diseases need to thrive.

Some common types of lawn diseases in Tennessee are brown patch, fairy ring, dollar spot, and leaf spot.

Don't wait until it's too late. Call us today to schedule our leaf removal service!

We understand how tempting it can be to ignore the leaf piles on your lawn. They seem harmless, don't they? Well, unfortunately, they're not! It's important to remove those leaf piles to avoid issues like weak grass, insect infestations, and lawn diseases. Instead of doing it all yourself, leave it to our team!

We offer our leaf removal service independently or as part of our fall yard cleanup program. This program also includes lawn mowing, pruning, weed removal, and more. Regardless of which you choose, we will make sure your lawn is clear of leaf piles so your grass can thrive.

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