Your plants are already focal points, but they'll boost your property's curb appeal even more when they're healthy and well-maintained. To do this, you'll want to trim and prune them! While they're commonly mistaken for the same thing, they offer different benefits for your plants. Trimming involves removing overgrown foliage and unruly branches to keep them shapely and manicured. On the other hand, pruning is for their health and is the process of cutting off diseased and dead branches or other problem areas to prevent the issue from spreading to the rest of the plant. So, when should you perform trimming and pruning? The answer usually depends on the type of plants you have on your landscape in Tennessee, so it's always best to hire professionals, as they'll know when and how to perform these services to ensure they're healthy and beautiful.

Trimming Will Keep Your Plants Manicured & Aesthetically Appealing

Trimmed bushes and plants in a landscape bed in Sea Isle Park, TN.

Your plants need routine maintenance and TLC to stay at their best, which they deserve! Fortunately, a way to give that to them is through trimming. Trimming is mainly for aesthetic purposes, as it involves removing overgrown foliage and stray, unruly branches to keep them manicured and neat. This process will give them an appealing shape, but it'll also help sunlight reach the soil and other areas of your plants. After all, without overgrowth blocking this essential resource, they can have unobstructed access and grow healthy and beautiful.

Pruning Benefits the Health of Your Plants & Will Promote Fuller Growth

Healthy plants in a landscape bed in Cooper-Young, TN.

Another much-needed plant maintenance task is pruning. Pruning involves removing diseased, damaged, and dead branches or other problematic areas, like those infested with insects, to keep these issues from spreading to the rest of the plant. This process is highly beneficial for your plants and will make way for and promote new, healthy, fuller growth.

When should you perform plant trimming and pruning?

While trimming and pruning may sound straightforward, you'll want to ensure you do them at the right time, depending on the types of plants you have on your landscape. You can usually perform trimming any time they start to look unkempt and need an appearance touchup. However, the same doesn't apply to pruning. Timing is essential with pruning, as doing it at the wrong time can be detrimental to the health of your plants. After all, it's a more complicated, invasive process, and different plants can only tolerate it at certain times of the year.

The goal is to keep your plants healthy and beautiful, and the best way to ensure they reap optimal benefits from trimming and pruning is to hire professionals. Pros will come equipped with all the right tools, plus know when and how to perform these services for your specific plants to avoid damaging or causing unnecessary stress to them. That way, there's no risk of doing more harm than good, and your plants can thrive year after year!

During their trimming and pruning service, pros will watch out for signs of diseases and insect infestations on your plants to catch these issues as soon as possible.

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