As winter approaches in Tennessee, keeping your lawn weed-free as it transitions into this season is prudent. To do this, you'll want to apply pre- and post-emergent weed-control treatments in the fall. Pre-emergent weed control helps you get ahead of winter weeds, while post-emergent treatments eliminate existing ones before dormancy. Meanwhile, you'll want to apply post-emergent treatments again in the winter to prevent weeds from hindering your lawn's health while it tries to survive. For the best results, you should hire professionals to keep your lawn weed-free going into winter. Not only do they use top-notch products, but they also apply them at the right time to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Apply Pre- & Post-Emergent Weed Control Treatments in the Fall

To keep your lawn weed-free as it heads into winter, you'll want to apply pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments in the fall. A pre-emergent weed control treatment is like a protective shield for your lawn. It works by preventing newly germinated weed seeds from surfacing and reaching the resources they need to grow further. When you apply pre-emergent treatments in the fall, you can get ahead of winter weeds before they even have a chance to sprout. However, timing is crucial to ensure you apply them before a certain point in their life cycle; once a weed passes this point, the treatment is no longer effective and won't stop it from growing.

On the other hand, post-emergent treatments are your solution for any existing weeds that may have popped up during the fall. These products target and eliminate those pesky intruders before your lawn goes dormant. That way, it enters the winter season without the burden of weeds stealing nutrients and other vital resources it needs to survive.

Common winter weeds that germinate in the fall in Tennessee include poa annua, henbit, and chickweed.

Apply another round of post-emergent weed control in the winter.

As winter sets in, don't think your battle against weeds is over. On the contrary, it's crucial to continue applying post-emergent weed control treatments during this season. In the winter months, your grass is dormant, but even after the pre-emergent application in the fall, some may have already passed a certain point in their growth cycle and surfaced anyway. These persistent weeds can hinder your turf's health while it tries to survive. By applying post-emergent treatments in the winter, you'll keep those pesky weeds at bay, preventing them from causing more harm. This ongoing weed control effort helps your lawn maintain its strength and resilience, setting the stage for a healthy spring revival.

Hire professionals to keep your lawn weed-free going into winter.

While you can apply weed control treatments yourself, hiring professionals to keep your lawn weed-free going into winter will yield the best results. Lawn care professionals have access to the best products and treatments on the market, meaning they're highly effective at combatting these pesky nutrient sappers. Moreover, they have the experience to apply them correctly and at the right time to reap the most benefits from these treatments. By hiring pros, you can have peace of mind knowing that your lawn is in the hands of experts who are committed to keeping it weed-free and thriving throughout the winter season.

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