If your lawn is full of pesky, invasive weeds, you need post-emergent weed control treatments to eradicate them. This treatment works by being applied to the weed directly, where it'll either seep into the soil and kill it at its roots or eliminate it on contact. Since many weeds in Tennessee are extremely persistent, you need to apply this treatment multiple times a year, from spring to late winter. This will ensure your lawn doesn't have to compete for vital nutrients. You should also pair it with pre-emergent treatments, which will act as your turf's first line of defense against pesky weeds by preventing new ones from popping up.

What is post-emergent weed control, and how does it work?

Post-emergent weed control is a type of treatment designed to target and control weeds that have already sprouted on your lawn. These treatments are applied directly onto the existing weed, where it'll then travel through its vascular system until it reaches the roots, killing it completely. There are also contact-based treatments, which target the weeds when the product comes into contact with them.

Choosing the right post-emergent weed control can be tough, so it's best to hire lawn care professionals who know what product to use and how to administer it properly.

When should post-emergent weed control treatments be applied?

Since post-emergent weed control targets existing weeds, you should apply them multiple times a year. Weeds are relentless plants that don't shy away from even poor growing conditions, so it's no surprise that you'll be seeing this treatment often in your lawn care regimen. If you want your lawn to start the new spring season on the right foot, you should start with a post-emergent weed control treatment in late winter to eliminate any weeds that have popped up during the winter.

As the weather warms up in early spring, you'll want to apply another post-emergent treatment to fend off weeds and ensure your lawn has no competition for nutrients as it comes out of winter dormancy. You'll want to reapply them in mid-spring and late spring, continuing through mid-summer, late summer, and fall. These applications will provide consistent protection against persistent weeds that can emerge on your lawn throughout the growing season and eliminate its competitors for essential nutrients. Then, you'll want to wrap up the year with one last post-emergent treatment in winter.

Use pre-emergent weed control with post-emergent treatments to achieve a weed-free lawn.

While post-emergent treatments are crucial for eliminating existing weeds, the key to achieving a weed-free lawn is pairing them with pre-emergent weed control. Pre-emergent weed control works by coating the soil to prevent weeds from sprouting on your lawn. This is a proactive measure that ensures weeds don't pop up on your turf and steal nutrients. By maximizing pre-emergent treatments alongside your post-emergent applications, you can cover both ends of the weed growth cycle and keep them under control.

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