Get the Experts to Build Your Dream Landscape

Create an outdoor retreat to relax, have fun and enjoy your home. Achieving a stunning landscape with excellent amenities is hard work and requires thousands of dollars and several months to complete.

You should make the right choice when it comes to hiring a landscaping company to work on their property – Picture Perfect Landscapes.

The Phases of Landscape Construction

Before we construct your landscape, our engineers and landscaping staff first ensure that proper site preparations are carried out and completed.

These preparations include the various stages of landscape construction — from land preparation to installation of various landscape elements. This lets us to proceed with the project smoothly and efficiently and without damages to your property or accidents among our workers.

How We Build Your Site

Land / Soil Grading

Grading your site lets us ensure that potential drainage issues are prevented, soil erosion is avoided, and construction will proceed as fluidly as possible.

Hauling Debris / Soil

After grading the land, we clean the site of debris. We have trucks to handle this job fast and efficiently.

Irrigation / Drainage Preparation

Before installing softscape and hardscape elements, we first lay down and install irrigation and drainage system.

This ensures that flooding won’t occur and that the greenery will have a ready source of nourishment.

Constructing Hardscape Elements

Once your site is ready with drainage and irrigation systems, we'll install your hardscape structures.

From walkways, decks, outdoor living areas, and other structures like water features and fire features, all these are designed and built by our team of licensed masons, artisans, and builders.

Installing & Planting Greenery

No landscaping project will be complete without installing or planting flowering plants, shrubbery, trees, etc.

Greenery balances your landscape by giving the surroundings a soft and relaxing tone.

Quality Landscape Construction

Once we prepare and construct your landscape structures, our senior staff performs the final quality assurance check to ensure your specifications are followed to the letter. Should a touch up be needed, our staff will do the required changes accordingly.

Leave Your Landscape Needs to Us

Our landscaping staff are all trained and certified by industry organizations, helping us create stunning landscapes for residential and commercial properties. You can trust we'll only use the best materials available and appropriate tools and equipment to complete your project on time and on-budget.