Enjoy Your Outdoors

Adding a patio is a great way to expand your outdoor living spaces.

You can now entertain guests outdoors, have enough spaces for a barbecue, or places to relax under the open sky.

Why Build a Patio?

Entertaining friends is more fun and relaxing on a patio. You can also have a grill in place or an open fire pit. A patio affords the luxury of a living space, which can be easily maintained while having guests along. It also extends your indoor living area for activities, which cannot be accommodated indoors, or are better done outdoors.

Patios for Different Weather Conditions

Tennessee weather has a limited range between the hottest and coldest temperatures, so there are a few options for patios that can work well in our state. An open patio is a common option that can be made as an extension of a house.

We can build your patio structure using different materials like wood, natural stones, or concrete. If you want to be secured from harsh elements, we also offer roofed patios. We can install an awning or permanent roofing made of durable materials, such as metal sheets or aluminum.

The patio itself also needs to be seamlessly integrated to your house. It should not look like an attachment, rather an integral part of the construction.

Maintenance and cleaning of your patios should not be too hard as well. It should also be as weatherproof as possible. Even if Tennessee is blessed with great weather, it does not mean that you take the snow for granted.

Building Stunning & Durable Patios

We can put your plans and ideas on paper and bringing them to life. We're based in Memphis and know the local weather and climate.

We take these into account when designing your patios and move forward from there.

We have masons, carpenters, and other skilled workers who have the experience necessary to make a great patio each and every time.

We save you money and resources, because we know how to work with the best materials.

Experienced Patio Builders in Tennessee

As part of your house, a patio is an investment which should last a long time. This can be a beautiful addition to your home, and an asset that increases your property value.